About Brighter Image

Welcome to my screen printing shop, Brighter Image. It was started in 1995 in my hometown, Laconia, New Hampshire. We focus on one thing and do it well, all of our screen printing is done on site, and will meet your deadline on time. You can print on a wide variety of items like tees, sweatshirts, and sportshirts for businesses, schools, organizations, teams, whatever you want. Use your existing design, or our art department can create a new one for you. We work with most file formats, have a large format scanner on-site for hard copies, and can even take your design right from an existing shirt in some cases. Inks can be matched to the colors of your design, modified for feel or opacity, or even water-based inks can be used. Whatever the case, your design will be unique to you, and I’m sure you will go away happy.  My staff is easy to work with, and our price is reasonable. Please consider Brighter Image for your next screen printing job!

Thank you,
Gregory St. Gelais

Open from 9-5 Monday thru Friday.