“That is how Earthy I am…”

I don’t remember the context in how that was said, but I do remember right exactly where I was, and who said it. Obviously the amount of plastic, in the landfill, the oceans, probably in outer-space pretty soon, is overwhelming. It was Mike Otis who taught me it was my duty to recycle, right at my very first job, Freedom of Expression. That was the golden, golden, time of the early 90s, so he was doing it way before it was cool. The ink and emulsion we use comes in plastic buckets that are non-recyclable. So, we save them, clean them up, plant flowers in them, and give them away. The drainage at the bottom is recycled packing peanuts, and the soil is compost from the recycling center in the next town over. All I buy is the seeds. That is how Earthy we are…

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